Welcome to Her Voice – a professional development organization for women. We host quarterly workshops and events to provide women universal tools to achieve their professional goals.

Our events all focus on attendees leaving with a new tool in their tool belt – an actionable task, a new skill, or an answer to a burning question. In order to ensure that all women have access to our programs, we strive to provide them in the evenings, on weekends, and at the lowest cost that we can.

In addition to ensuring that our events are interactive and learning based, we embrace the mantra of “empowered women, empower women”. Many of us have come so far and will continue to grow! Giving back to other women and our communities is a vital part of development.

Learn more about us, check out ourĀ events, and visit our resource page! We also encourage all women to use their voice and contact us with suggestions, feedback, or anything else you want to share!